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Crystal Properties

Crystals have been a part of the earth since the beginning of time. Each stone is a unique work of art from the Earth. Some sparkle, while others shine but crystals are more than just looks.

Healing crystals hold unique frequencies and particular energies that align with each of the seven chakras. Just as specific stones support your chakras, they can also imbue and enhance energies in your external environment. Placing stones—a tangible form of earth energy—in your home or office helps to ground and balance your space. 


Agate - grounding, nourishment, stability

Alexandrite - empowerment, hope, joy

Amazonite - truth, Harmony, Peace

Amber - warmth, well-being, nurturing

Amethyst - protection, cleansing, intuition

Apache Tears - healing grief, grounding, protection

Apatite - intuition, wisdom, communication

Aquamarine - peace, communication, empowerment

Aventurine - vitality, confidence, optimism

Azurite - vision, insight, learning

Bloodstone - purification, courage, vitality

Calcite - cleansing, nurturing, healing

Carnelian - vitality, confidence, sexuality

Charoite - perspective, wisdom, contentment

Chrysocolla - wisdom, communication, gentle power

Chrysoprase - love, healing, joy

Citrine - imagination, clarity, manifestation

Diamond - initiation, purpose, clarity

Emerald - love, compassion, abundance

Fluorite - clarity, focus, order

Garnet - manifestation, self-worth, healing

Hematite - grounding, clarity, manifestation

Howlite - surrender, letting go of attachments

Iolite - intuition, vision, integration

Jade - abundance, nature energy, well-being

Jasper - grounding, earth, energy

Kyanite - psychic abilities, communication, lucid dreaming

Labradorite - intuition, psychic abilities, journeying

Lapiz Lazuli - vision, truth, awareness

Larimar - peace, relaxation, communication

Malachite - protection, leadership, confidence

Moldavite - Spiritual awakening, visioning

Moonstone - intuition, inner work, patience

Morganite - divine love, emotional healing

Obsidian - protection, purification, grounding

Onyx - focus, discipline, self-mastery

Opal - releasing attachments, emotional amplification

Pearl - self care, nurturing, emotional healing

Periodt - positivity, abundance, creation

Picture Jasper - visioning, earth magic

Quartz - manifesting, amplifying other stones

Rhodochrosite - emotional healing, nurturing, joy

Rhodonite - purpose, generosity, contribution

Rose Quartz - love, trust, emotional healing

Ruby - life force, courage, passion

Sapphire - focus, discipline, inner vision

Smoky Quartz - grounding, clearing, practical action

Snowflake Obsidian - persistence, overcoming difficulties

Sodalite - insight, clarity, intuition

Tanzanite - integrating heart and mind, wholeness

Tiger Eye - balance, grounding, discernment

Topaz - manifesting, clarity, magnification

Tourmaline - joy, emotional healing, love

Turquoise - wholeness, truth, communication

Unakite - releasing toxicity, healing the body, perseverance

Zircon - grounding, making ideas real

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